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Alkaline Food Chart

Most high protein foods (such as meat, fish, poultry and eggs), nearly all carbohydrates (including grains, breads, and pastas) and fats are “acid forming.”

Most fruits and vegetables are “alkaline-forming.” Although citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruits, contain organic acids and may have and acid taste, they are not acid-formning when metabolized, leaving no acidic residue. Similarly, Free Form Amino Acids are not acid-formning, but instead offer unique buffering capabilities to the body to help offset acidic wastes.


Bottled Alkaline Water – Alkaline does NOT mean it’s an Antioxidant…The proof is in the ORP…

Since I am a total water head and water buff and am on a mission to get the best info out there on water ionizers and suspend the believe on the fact that hexagonal, ionized water is not a myth and that what most of out there actually believe all the high paid marketing and advertising that is out there should really think twice about they over-all health risks and environmental catastrophes we are creating by buying plastic bottles or other plastic products that are easily thrown away or not even recycled…including deli containers, yogurt cups, etc.

Look at what the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) meter for these so called ‘alkaline’ antioxidant bottle waters claim. 

A negative ORP = antioxidant, anti-aging, health

A posiitive ORP = oxidation, aging, sickness

CLEARLY the above bottled waters are not a high negative ORP.
= positive 245 ORP
Alkapuro = positive 204 ORP
Lassens 9.5 =  positive 235 ORP
E2 Real Water = negative (135) ORP
Penta = positive 136 ORP
Metro Electro = positive 44 ORP
Alkaline Puro from local water store  = positive 37 ORP
**Kangen water = negative (472) ORP**

Alkaline does not mean its an Antioxidant…

Clearly by the ORP results shown and the visual pH of the waters tested….Just because it’s alkaline does not mean it has a negative ORP or what is considered an antioxidant. Don’t believe what you read and don’t believe all the hype, advertising and marketing that the bottled water industry is doing to get you to buy their products which inevitably is polluting the environment and costing you and arm and a leg each year.

What about how old is your water?
Daily Mail found water on sale which had been bottled up to 23 months ago. Daily Mail found water on sale which had been bottled up to 23 months ago. But the two-year date is not embodied in law – it is an ‘industry agreement’ between the major bottling companies which has the approval of the Food Standards Agency.

Bottling companies do not have to print the date of bottling, so consumers have no idea how long the water has been on the shelf. The water companies say extensive tests have shown the airtight seals used on bottles guarantee they are still safe to drink after two years.


TRY BEFORE YOU BUY…Why Kangen Water? Kangen Best Alkaline Water? Kangen Myths? Kangen Scam? Kangen MLM? Don’t Drink Kangen…Get Informed. Get Educated. Get Answers. Get Well. Be Well. Stay Happy…

Try Before You Buy…Get Informed. Get Educated. Get Answers. Get Well. Be Well. Stay Happy…

You see it all online…open source information. But do not believe everything your read nor see. Most of what is out there are people selling on price. But remember what is good is not cheap and what is cheap is not good.

So here’s the thing… I get it…We all are just trying to find the right product at the right price. But most of us will not put a price on our health. Right? If you were in a situation where you had to pay $10,000 or lose your right arm, I am sure if not most of you would find some way to pay the 10 grand.

Just like we would not prefer to go and see a discount doctor most of us would not prefer a HMO to a PPO. Our health is an investment. If we think about wellness and the methods of prevention rather than treating the symptoms (which are just keeping us sicker and not advancing us to actually living a longer, healthier and more conscious lives) it is worth any investment and more valuable that any money in the world!

A friend of mine emailed me with some questions on the water and wanted my opinion on Kangen water versus Pristine Hydro. He was looking to buy it and so I did a little homework and here are the results. I love homework and have always been a decent student…believe you me here is some food for thought…

KANGEN v. PRISTINE HYDRO or Any Other Competitors on the Market…

1. I Googled the owner of Pristine! :)……
– Not a pioneer and gold standard in industry like Enagic.
– Pristine…A new company on the block…with nowhere to try the water or get samples…
– Pristine…no global support, no global legitimate offices around.
– There is a mistake on their website in the ‘Process’ order? Which one is it how does it really work?
– They say 2 year filter replacement but on other source pages it says to replace every 1-2 years.
– Pristine can’t give you the customer support, service and maintenance and vast amount of research Enagic has on the topic.
2. Kangen has strong acid water that kills e.coli, salmonella, staph, listera, MRSA, superbug, strep, etc.
3. Kangen 11.5 is a powerful degreaser and emulsifies oil.
4. Kangen can be used to remove pesticides, insecticides and herbicides.
5. Kangen is awesome for cooking and is also a beauty water.
6. Kangen is a powerful antioxidant with an ORP of -200 to -800.
7.  Enagic’s product is a medical devices with ISO certifications. Pristine does not tell you where their devices are made and what type of quality of products and parts they use.
8. Kangen is “Micro Clustered” hexagonal, ionized that is run through an electrolysis process to produce the special water. Water that is wetter, and permeates the body on a cellular level, which has excellent hydrating properties, and high solubility.  It is composed of water molecule groups of 5-6 clusters instead of the 15-20 or more of other regular water. Pristine Hydro is not micro-clustered…not ionized, no electrolysis process. Many will claim alkaline but not Micro-clustered and not as high of an ORP…Remember Kangen water is so special because it has three unique properties (HIGH ANTIOXIDANT, MICRO-CLUSTERED (through electrolysis), SUPER ALKALINE) not to mention produces 7 grades of water…2.5, 5.5, 7, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 11.5.
9. Enagic 38 year company backed by scientists, doctors, world class athletes around the world.
10. Dr. Shinya one of the top 10 surgeons in the world endorses Kangen and requires all of his patients to be on it. He has performed over 300,000 surgeries with no reoccurring signs of cancer in patients…that’s pretty remarkable..
11. Dr. Horst Plitzer, cardiovascular surgeon graduate of Harvard medical school pioneer of the stint procedure endorses Kangen water. Dr. McKnight and Cohen and Dave Carpenter…all endorse it. Voted best by 6,500 Japanese Doctors…In 2002, Enagic was awarded honorable endorsements from the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease (an organization of over 6,500 doctors) This organization selects only one company, per industry, to receive their two awards:  Product Recognition and Endorsement Recognition.  From a field of over 30 Japanese ionizer companies, Enagic and Kangen Water received both of these awards.This is considered such a special feat, considering this non-profit and independent doctors association, which is also the biggest and the most respected of its kind in Japan, is known for its long and thorough selection process and the fact that they issue such endorsements for only one product (or product line) to the very best in any given category.
12. Kangen water is NSF/ASNI 42 & 372 approved and upholds and abides to strict food and health standards and is used in many restaurants, gyms, spas, hotels, etc. It has been featured in the news. Pristine?
13. Kangen is certified and approved by the WQA.
14. Enagic received the EEU Environment Award from International Earth Environment University. Enagic is a Green company.
15. Enagic is class A rated BBB.
16. There are photo documents and 3 types of ISO (900, 14001, 13485) certifications for Kangen that I can supply you with. Pristine? Pristine does not tell you where their devices are made and what quality the products used are like.
17. Only one year warranty. Kangen 5 years with unlimited parts and service. Machine lasts around 20years + and probably longer as the company grows.
18. Pristine filter replacement cost minimum over 15 years is $3,937.50+tax for every two years/depending on water source it may cost $5,250+tax for every 1.5 years and $7,875 for every 1 year…Pristine system alone cost is $1,995. It’s like razor blades they get you on the refills. You have to wonder how the filter lasts up to 2 years without cleaning it or expiring. Kangen total approximate cost  over 15 years…$6,266.90 and you get the benefit of being a distributor and paying off your machine and making profit from it if you choose to become a direct seller. It also last longer…considering the warranty and longevity of the 15-20 years that it’s known to have lived without major service. For complete water fanactics that need more filtration depending on the source water. Enagic also sells these filters separately.
19. Pristine has no cleaning device on the product. Kangen cleans itself after 15 minutes of use…and has a cleaning cartridge in which they recommend you to clean the device.
20. Pristine can only produce up to 100 gallons of water in a day. Kangen unlimited…
21. Kangen does not RO which wastes a lot of water. Pristine Hydro claims 1 to 1 ratio of water waste. Kangen there is no waste you can use everything…the ratio acid to alkaline approx. 1-4 for Kangen water.
22. Kangen and TDS total dissolved solids is a good to have in the water…just not too much and not of the wrong things… In order for water to be alkaline it needs minerals Kangen has the essential sodium, magnesium, and calcium needed to buffer the body with healthy minerals. Noticed that the test for Pristine did not detect these essential minerals… but they say the remineralize and goes through a bicarbonate process? They also have to make up with the taste of the water by putting a coconut carbon filter? Drinking water with higher amounts of TDS and hardness results in lower heart disease and cancer mortality rates…
23. Kangen removes impurities through it’s double high grade carbon filter which filters bacteria, and activates healthy minerals into an ionic form which produces “living water”. Pristine  still uses a R.O. process to their water which is why they again need that coconut filter to enhance the taste.
24. You can travel with Kangen water device. I took mine to Bali and lived there for a year with it! Pristine? Not so user friendly and compact…
25. In regards to other ionizers…Kangen has a powerful transformer of 230 watts, 7 medical grade titanium, platinum coated plates. With no automatic shut-off valve, a transformer that will not burn out after 5 minutes of running it and not SMPS (switch mode power supply) like in some other ionizers which result in half the amount of wattage. The flow rate of Enagic’s Kangen SD501 is at a rate of 7 liters per minute, while the majority of the other ionizer brands are between 1.5 liters and 3 liters per minute. The reason for the sizable difference is the size and power of the plates.
26. Kangen does not use chemicals in their water like some other competitors will say as misleading information to get you to buy their products. Competitors will spin Engaics features into flaws. Do not be fooled. The electrolysis enhancer fluid is made of up sodium bicarbonate (table salt) which is only used to make the strong acid water.
27. Pristine Hydro like all other competition sells on price and has to compare itself to Kangen. Inferior products are known to do this. Kangen doesn’t have to do this on their site. That is why they have people like me who do the homework have been on the water and have tried it before I bought it and saw amazing results. Kangen also manufactures all its products by hand. There are NO Private Labels, Resellers, or Assemblers like what the competition does to gain market share.
28. Pristine’s is made mostly of plastics and food grade EPDM  that are ‘BPA’. Kangen is more environmental has has won awards for their green compliance. They used medical grade titanium and platinum hand-dipped twice metal plates.
29. Pristine and other companies are really an MLM or selling wholesale…and people are advertising mumbo jumbo on their sites without knowing the facts…because they have distributors online selling to you ( (…. Enagic is not an MLM. There is no membership, minimum quota to buy products, etc. Enagic is a member of the notable DSA. Only 200 companies worldwide are involved with the DSA.
30. Pristine like many other competitors…Half the price but below half the quality given all this information…
Bullet-proof info 🙂 Again…Proof is in the pudding…best way to do it is to try the water get it fresh and have your whole family and friends try.
Contact me for more info how your can get connected to free samples or to buy your own machine. 

Why Kangen Water? Kangen Best Alkaline Water? Kangen Myths? Kangen Scam? Kangen MLM? Don’t Drink Kangen…Get Informed. Get Educated. Get Answers. Get Well. Be Well. Stay Happy…


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