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GMO (Genetically Modified Food) Panacea or Poison?

GMO not a strategy to produce more food but a strategy to undermine farmers and gain control of the entire food chain. From the seeds to the table creating ecological risks and health risks.

Moth genes to make potatoes?
Arctic Char genes to make strawberries?
Flounder genes to make tomatoes?
Firefly genes to make corn?

Patented Seeds?
Inflated Prices?
Technology Fee?
Intellectual Property Rights…lets corporations patent living things…giving them ownership of the plant and all its future generations?

Farmers no longer have a choice on what seeds to use due to IPRs. So they buy the seeds and have ONE year license to use it. The next year they have to buy it again. Who has the power? Fearing rejection from US consumers corporations have lobbied against having to label genetically modified foods. Europe nor the US is a place where the expansion of GMO can thrive so the corporations is pushing this technology to Asia violating every rule and environmental law, corrupting their scientific institutions and government.

Life has evolved for over 3 billion years with a wisdom in naturally organized living systems and eco systems that we should take into consideration.



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