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Face Reading (Physiognomy / Personology) – Clues to reading a face

Can you choose better partners, lovers, friends, employees just by getting better at reading a face? 

The eyes for example are the windows to the soul. How much “bounce back” do you get when actually looking into a person’s eyes? Can you keep the gaze? Does it make you feel warm and comfortable or is it piercing and not hold much depth. Do you you read young soul or old soul from them?

Your face is the mirror of your personality and is the index of the mind. It reveals the nature of childhood, past lives, and gives insight into the individual’s propensities and aptitude. Statistical results have shown that there is a strong connection between facial features and personality traits. A research that was based on statistics was made and the result was the identification of 68 personality traits that are connected to some facial features with a 90% accuracy.

From Greek mythology to ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic practices, facing has been around for centuries. I went this this interesting group meeting yesterday in Culver City on this fascinating topic. So what is it?  My mother, a sage herself, has this powerful ability to intuitively “see through” people. There have been certainly more than one occasion where she read certain people and was dead spot on that it was jaw dropping information to me.

So we all have this gift, but sometimes do not tune into our gut feelings about a person or alternatively are projecting what we want to see from that person that blinds us from actually seeing the person that they are.

Example, if you see a beautiful woman or handsome man and fall madly in love with them we sometimes are, “blinded by love, love struck, etc.,” and sometime fail to see the glaring red flags about a persons true inner being, how they perceive themselves in the world, how the world perceived them, how they want to be perceived and how they go about getting what they want from others and how they get what they want for themselves. This I thought was some pretty interesting topics to cover in one night.

In the basic analysis that was presented at this meeting was that there are four different categories of people: The Visionary, Brilliant Bureaucrat, Doer, Social Seller. We all are a bit of all of these but one stands out to be the one that best represents us. We are like birds of a feather that flock together and most of the time can experience and inequality of personality distribution. When this happens, especially in the work force or business environments it usually is best to mix it up. It’s not rocket science to know that a healthy business should not operate solely on one personality type.

Likewise, we can apply this to how we choose our friends and lovers. Do they compliment more or compete more with your personality type?Are they soft and understanding towards your or too harsh and not giving toward you and vice versa. Have they formed certain psychological patterns that were set up at the time of childhood that remains deeply seated in the 96 muscles in the face?

For example most of the information about behavior towards women is located in the lower parts of the face. But to fully understand the implications of any such evidence it has to be evaluated based on what is going on in and around the eyes. Much of what drives this heart breaking behavior is a combination anger and self loathing, in one analyzed case of a specific male was that he never developed a trusting and fulfilling bond with his mother and always felt like he wasn’t good enough to satisfy or impress her.

In a quick break down. The overall purpose is to be able to be more skillful in reading others through their faces and facial expression. Faces change over your life time and many are set from our environment as a child. The one thing people don’t know about face reading is that it can’t tell you anything about the behavior. Like it can’t predict how a person will act but it may give you clues to how a person is.

You would be surprised to know that there are people called Industrial Psychologists that actually consult with large corporations to achieve more balance and productivity in the work place with. Once method of creating more balance within the dynamics of staffing is look at peoples faces!? Can you actually get more from people by choosing the right person for the job based on what their face tells you or what you are trained to read from people? Can you understand the psychological components of someone and look for that in a face?

This brings up a very interesting question to how are we paying attention to the signs or what’s literally written on our face. The best way to learn face reading is to first learn how to recognize the different facial features and then learn how to relate them to their corresponding personality traits.

Face reading is not a simple science. Trying to judge a person by just taking a quick look into one of his features such as lips might result in less accurate readings. In order to make the best out of face reading you must learn how to look at all face features together instead of just looking at each one of them separately. Face reading is a fascinating tool for exploring who we are, as well as learning what is possible, both for us and others. After all knowledge is power.

I know right now this information seems a bit vague, I wanted more information myself from the first session. I plan on find out more information on this specific reading of the four types and will repost soon!

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