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21st Century Waterfall – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Innovate.


Computer animation comparing the US rate of plastic water bottle recycling (approx. 100 bottles/second) to the non-recycled rate (approx. 845 bottles/second; see image) for 2005.

This computer animation was made to raise awareness about bottled water, and its surprisingly poor recycling rates. Since its recent popularization, bottled water (in all its flavors) has become ironically one of the most consumed, yet least recycled beverages. For example, it is estimated that in 2005 alone approximately 30 billion plastic water bottles were purchased in the US, with only about 12% recycled (in part due to out-dated deposit laws), and the remaining 25 billion bottles landfilled, littered or incinerated.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Innovate.



U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Quote:

“We generally pay much less for our drinking water than we do for most other goods and services…On average, tap water costs are slightly more than $2 per 1,000 gallons…Each of us, on average, uses over 100 gallons of water per day for everything from drinking and bathing to watering our gardens…This equates to an average annual water bill of about $300 per household…”

The 15 year Kangen™ Water information is based on the Enagic SD501, with a retail price of $3980.00. It also includes the cost of a high-grade filter, replaced annually; 2 cleaning cartridgesused annually; 5 cleaning services, once every 3 years, performed by Enagic Technicians and the average cost of tap water, as indicated by the U.S. EPA, at the rate of $.002 per gallon.

Sparkletts Home Delivery
$27.99 for 20 gallons… $1.39 per gallon…$1,014.70 yearly… $15,220.50 (15 years)

Arrowhead Home Delivery
$29.96 for 20 gallons… $1.49 per gallon…$1,087.70 yearly…. $16,315.50 (15 years)

$5.99 for 6 / 16.9 fl oz…$7.49 per gallon…$5,467.70 yearly… $82,015.50 (15 years)

$6.99 for 6 / 16.9 fl oz…$8.82 per gallon…$6,438.60 yearly… $96,579.00 (15 years)

$4.99 for 24 / 16.9 fl oz…$1.59 per gallon…$1,160.70 yearly… $17,410.50 (15 years)

$5.99 for 24 / 16.9 fl oz…$1.89 per gallon…$1,379.70 yearly… $20,695.50 (15 years)

Kangen™ Water

$3980.00… $.002 per gallon…$1.46…yearly… $6,266.90 (15 years)


Household cleaning products and (Go GREEN by saving the environment)
Since Kangen water is the ONLY water ionizer on the market that produces the strong 2.5pH acidic (used as a disinfectant) and 11.5 alkaline (used as a cleaner) you REDUCE the need to spend on house hold cleaning products. You can not only save money but also go green and reduce the need to buy and use toxic chemicals.

Reduce spoilage, cut costs and throughly clean your fruits and veggies
Using the 11.5 water to clean your fruits and veggies will remove the oil based pesticides and herbicides on your produce. You can save even more money by buying in organic products and taking then home and cleaning it it with the water. The 11.5 is so powerful it will emulsify oil!

Reduce the need for beauty tonics, masks and lotions
The 5.5 water is pH balanced for your skin. Spray or splash it on your face, body and hair and see how your skin and hair will glow. Save money again by not having to buy expensive toners and hair conditioners that contain many chemicals and are not really that good or natural for you.

Reduce the need to take prescription medication or go to the doctor
I haven’t had to go to the doctor or hospital for years. This water is a power antioxidant with high alkalinity and super micro-clustered absorption rate that the water will give it what it needs and hydrate it on a cellular level increasing cell utilization.

Become a direct seller and earn the cost of the Kangen water back.
You have the option to be just a buyer and if you decide that you would like to be a direct sales distributor then you can start earning cost of the machine back thorough referrals or getting people who are interested in the technology to purchase a unit. It is best advised that you purchase a unit through a trusted direct sales associate, NOT through Amazon or other third parties. They will sell you a unit base on price and they do not give you the option of become you own distributor within the company. So then you end up buying a unit and are left with no information, no support, no ability or option to earn your machine back through being a direct sales associate. It’s too bad that there are people out there that will take advantage of people. Many people are too concerned with how they can make a profit rather than empower others with the information and knowledge that will best serve them.

NOTE: Figures were calculated based on a family of four, using a recommended daily water consumption formula of ó the body weight of each individual in ounces of water. Father – 190 lbs, Mother – 160 lbs, 13 year old son – 100 lbs, 10 year old daughter – 75 lbs. Weights based on National Center for Health Statistics for average weights of individuals living in the United States. This family should consume 262.5 ounces, or 2.05 gallons, of water each day. The calculations above have been figured using 2 gallons of daily consumption.


Bottled Alkaline Water – Alkaline does NOT mean it’s an Antioxidant…The proof is in the ORP…

Since I am a total water head and water buff and am on a mission to get the best info out there on water ionizers and suspend the believe on the fact that hexagonal, ionized water is not a myth and that what most of out there actually believe all the high paid marketing and advertising that is out there should really think twice about they over-all health risks and environmental catastrophes we are creating by buying plastic bottles or other plastic products that are easily thrown away or not even recycled…including deli containers, yogurt cups, etc.

Look at what the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) meter for these so called ‘alkaline’ antioxidant bottle waters claim. 

A negative ORP = antioxidant, anti-aging, health

A posiitive ORP = oxidation, aging, sickness

CLEARLY the above bottled waters are not a high negative ORP.
= positive 245 ORP
Alkapuro = positive 204 ORP
Lassens 9.5 =  positive 235 ORP
E2 Real Water = negative (135) ORP
Penta = positive 136 ORP
Metro Electro = positive 44 ORP
Alkaline Puro from local water store  = positive 37 ORP
**Kangen water = negative (472) ORP**

Alkaline does not mean its an Antioxidant…

Clearly by the ORP results shown and the visual pH of the waters tested….Just because it’s alkaline does not mean it has a negative ORP or what is considered an antioxidant. Don’t believe what you read and don’t believe all the hype, advertising and marketing that the bottled water industry is doing to get you to buy their products which inevitably is polluting the environment and costing you and arm and a leg each year.

What about how old is your water?
Daily Mail found water on sale which had been bottled up to 23 months ago. Daily Mail found water on sale which had been bottled up to 23 months ago. But the two-year date is not embodied in law – it is an ‘industry agreement’ between the major bottling companies which has the approval of the Food Standards Agency.

Bottling companies do not have to print the date of bottling, so consumers have no idea how long the water has been on the shelf. The water companies say extensive tests have shown the airtight seals used on bottles guarantee they are still safe to drink after two years.


Use LESS Plastic – Check out this fun and shocking video!

Join the Blue movement and sign the plastic pledge at

WE USE TOO MUCH PLASTIC….Our ocean is in peril.
-Every hour Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles.
-Every week we go through at least 10 billion plastic bags worldwide.
-Every year we create enough plastic film to shrink wrap the entire state of Texas
-Every piece of plastic ever made still exists today
-This year we add 14 billions pounds of trash into the ocean…most of this will be plastic…the pile keeps growing
Don’t use plastic bottles
Choose reusable bags


What You Can Do to Keep Your Water Drug-Free


Prevent more contamination by:

  • Stop flushing outdated or unused medication (including those for pets) down the drain. There are programs in place across North America to accept old pharmaceuticals. If your local pharmacy doesn’t accept old medication, the EPA advises you contact your state and local waste management authorities. Also, consult your physician to determine which medications can be removed from your regimen.
  • For women on hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills, start looking at alternatives to these estrogen-based drugs. Health professionals agree there are often negative side effects to taking estrogen, and there are natural and alternative methods for both birth control and hormone replacement needs.
  • Eat less meat and dairy, and eat only organic meat, poultry, and dairy products. Certified organic farming methods do not incorporate the use of hormones, antibiotics, or steroids.
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of plastic in your home. Store food and water in glass or stainless steel containers. Choose soups and milk packaged in cardboard “brick” cartons, and if you must use plastic, choose items made with recycling # 2, 4, or 5 plastic only. Remember, cans are lined with plastic too, so choose fresh and local foods when you can.
  • Avoid herbicides and pesticides around the house. Check the labels of your hair products, cosmetics, and skin creams and discontinue using those containing placenta, estrogen, estriol, or estradiol.


Tapped -The Truth About Bottle Water

Tapped is a film that examines the role of the bottled water industry and its effects on our health, climate change, pollution, and our reliance on oil.

“Whiskey is for sipping and water is for fighting.” – Mark Twain.

– There is the something in the plastic. Carcinogenic PET…
– There is one person at the FDA who is responsible for overseeing all the regulations for bottle water in the country.
– The greatest advertising and marketing trick of  all time. In 2007 it was a $11.5 billion dollar business.
– We are shipping water around the world…18 million barrels of oil to transport bottled water and it’s growing every year.
– Contains radioactive materials, industrial solvents, arsenic, chemicals that leach out of the plastic.
– We assume that what we are getting is safe. There is virtually no testing…
– 5 gallon jugs?…Contain BPA
– Without a doubt there is a control and ownership of water. Is the government is not doing anything and is everything being auctioned off including the public’s right to water?
– Everyone needs water. Corporations like Nestle are commodifying the necessities of life by making it more difficult for people to gain access to this necessity. In turn we are creating a basis for some serious political instability.

PLEASE THINK TWICE ABOUT BUYING BOTTLED WATER….THERE is both a  PHYSICAL, ENVIRONMENTAL, and FINANCIAL impact that we might not know we are contributing to.



The Facts About Bottled Water


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