Meta Body Mind was founded on the notion of beyond ‘meta’ the body and mind. Therefore, with the practice of healing foods (both physical and spiritual foods) we can create happy people.

The less-physical parts lives form our meta body, and its role in our health and happiness is profound. As a result, all that we are affects everything else that we are. The physical affects the emotional when drugs or food causes mood changes. The emotional affects the physical when stress manifests in chronic disease or emotional crises create sudden illness. Western medical practice is waking up to this reality.

Allopathic practices such as acupuncture, once dismissed as hocus pocus nonsensical quackery, is now practiced in common clinical use in hospitals across the country, even though we don’t understand the science of why it works. Psychoneuroimmunology is a burgeoning field of research. Universities are devoting time and resources to the study of spirituality and healing. It’s goes beyond the understanding of physical body and mind to explain all these things that lead to healing and health. The body is a miraculous thing, it will heal itself if given the things that it needs.

The healing properties of food as medicine and food for the soul truly yields happier, shinier, passionate and vibrant people! So spread the love and go ‘meta’ what you think your body can do and what your mind thinks. Unlimited possibilities. Unlimited potential. You are bigger than your body and mind. You are boundless!

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