Oxalates in our FOOD? SHEER TOXICITY or NOT? Kidney stones, autism, vulvodynia, gout, arthritis…

I just came across an article about Oxalates in our FOOD and how consuming green smoothies and green leafy veggies can be dangerous for your health and I wanted to deconstruct some myths around what high oxalates in our food can contribute to the development of kidney stones, autism, vulvodynia, gout, arthritis. So I did some light research. I welcome you to question and do the same… This what I found.

  1. “Eating foods high in oxalate is not the only way for oxalate to get high in cells and blood. Our bodies make oxalate on their own, especially when certain enzymes aren’t balanced in their activity because of genetic differences or because someone has deficiencies in enzyme cofactors like vitamin B6, magnesium or thiamine. Oxalate also can be generated in the body when someone is getting high doses of vitamin C or consuming high levels of fructose.”
  2. “It is nuts for anyone not already under medical advice to select this leafy green over that based on oxalic-acid content. Oh, and don’t eat several pounds of rhubarb leaves (which no one eats anyway) at one sitting.”
  3. “The body has antioxidant and other protections against oxalate which work when the body burden of oxalate is low and the antioxidant resources high. These systems may be overwhelmed by higher levels of oxalate in the body’s tissues, or when infection (frequent immunization?) overwhelms the body’s antioxidant systems. For this reason, as long as someone continues to consume a high oxalate diet when their gut is “leaky” or when they are sick, then, eventually, in time, the damage may begin to appear as some organs begin to be affected by a buildup of oxalate, or by the disruption of the mineral chemistry that oxalate may inflict.”
  4. “A probiotic formulation of a bacteria called oxalobacter formigenes is under development as a drug for patients with hyperoxaluria and related conditions, and it is currently in clinical trials, but may not be available until 2012 or 2013.”


SUMMARY: Consult a physician or holistic practitioner if you have any concerns with Oxylates and how it may be affecting your current health. Question everything…even your doc…and the things I am writing 🙂 you won’t know it unless you feel and see it for yourself!

Remember it’s all about BALANCE and being accountable for it by putting ourselves into a ‘Checks and Balance’ by:
1. Getting in some exercise
2. Drinking tons of good water and  eating a well-balanced plant-based diet
3. Experiencing healthy relationships
4. Enjoying what we do for work
5. Finding some time in your busy schedule to just “be” and connect with your inner self.  

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