OH….To be, to do, to be again.
Wash, rinse, dry and repeat.

OH boy! The universe certainly gives me the things that I NEED and not necessarily what I WANT.

Just when I think that things are going oh so well and smoothly! BAM! I’m knocked down.

People and events are in our lives to test, guide and support us.
You choose how, when and why they should be in your life.

The real question is how am I testing, guiding and supporting and loving myself?
Is it in a way that is serving me?
If not, can I change it?
Do I want to change?
It won’t be easy, but it will be damn worth it!
I am damn worth it!


The unmysterious human condition to be surrendered to…
❤ LIFE IS A GAME, You choose how to play! ❤ x

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