U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Quote:

“We generally pay much less for our drinking water than we do for most other goods and services…On average, tap water costs are slightly more than $2 per 1,000 gallons…Each of us, on average, uses over 100 gallons of water per day for everything from drinking and bathing to watering our gardens…This equates to an average annual water bill of about $300 per household…”

The 15 year Kangen™ Water information is based on the Enagic SD501, with a retail price of $3980.00. It also includes the cost of a high-grade filter, replaced annually; 2 cleaning cartridgesused annually; 5 cleaning services, once every 3 years, performed by Enagic Technicians and the average cost of tap water, as indicated by the U.S. EPA, at the rate of $.002 per gallon.

Sparkletts Home Delivery
$27.99 for 20 gallons… $1.39 per gallon…$1,014.70 yearly… $15,220.50 (15 years)

Arrowhead Home Delivery
$29.96 for 20 gallons… $1.49 per gallon…$1,087.70 yearly…. $16,315.50 (15 years)

$5.99 for 6 / 16.9 fl oz…$7.49 per gallon…$5,467.70 yearly… $82,015.50 (15 years)

$6.99 for 6 / 16.9 fl oz…$8.82 per gallon…$6,438.60 yearly… $96,579.00 (15 years)

$4.99 for 24 / 16.9 fl oz…$1.59 per gallon…$1,160.70 yearly… $17,410.50 (15 years)

$5.99 for 24 / 16.9 fl oz…$1.89 per gallon…$1,379.70 yearly… $20,695.50 (15 years)

Kangen™ Water

$3980.00… $.002 per gallon…$1.46…yearly… $6,266.90 (15 years)


Household cleaning products and (Go GREEN by saving the environment)
Since Kangen water is the ONLY water ionizer on the market that produces the strong 2.5pH acidic (used as a disinfectant) and 11.5 alkaline (used as a cleaner) you REDUCE the need to spend on house hold cleaning products. You can not only save money but also go green and reduce the need to buy and use toxic chemicals.

Reduce spoilage, cut costs and throughly clean your fruits and veggies
Using the 11.5 water to clean your fruits and veggies will remove the oil based pesticides and herbicides on your produce. You can save even more money by buying in organic products and taking then home and cleaning it it with the water. The 11.5 is so powerful it will emulsify oil!

Reduce the need for beauty tonics, masks and lotions
The 5.5 water is pH balanced for your skin. Spray or splash it on your face, body and hair and see how your skin and hair will glow. Save money again by not having to buy expensive toners and hair conditioners that contain many chemicals and are not really that good or natural for you.

Reduce the need to take prescription medication or go to the doctor
I haven’t had to go to the doctor or hospital for years. This water is a power antioxidant with high alkalinity and super micro-clustered absorption rate that the water will give it what it needs and hydrate it on a cellular level increasing cell utilization.

Become a direct seller and earn the cost of the Kangen water back.
You have the option to be just a buyer and if you decide that you would like to be a direct sales distributor then you can start earning cost of the machine back thorough referrals or getting people who are interested in the technology to purchase a unit. It is best advised that you purchase a unit through a trusted direct sales associate, NOT through Amazon or other third parties. They will sell you a unit base on price and they do not give you the option of become you own distributor within the company. So then you end up buying a unit and are left with no information, no support, no ability or option to earn your machine back through being a direct sales associate. It’s too bad that there are people out there that will take advantage of people. Many people are too concerned with how they can make a profit rather than empower others with the information and knowledge that will best serve them.

NOTE: Figures were calculated based on a family of four, using a recommended daily water consumption formula of ó the body weight of each individual in ounces of water. Father – 190 lbs, Mother – 160 lbs, 13 year old son – 100 lbs, 10 year old daughter – 75 lbs. Weights based on National Center for Health Statistics for average weights of individuals living in the United States. This family should consume 262.5 ounces, or 2.05 gallons, of water each day. The calculations above have been figured using 2 gallons of daily consumption.


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