Bottled Alkaline Water – Alkaline does NOT mean it’s an Antioxidant…The proof is in the ORP…

Since I am a total water head and water buff and am on a mission to get the best info out there on water ionizers and suspend the believe on the fact that hexagonal, ionized water is not a myth and that what most of out there actually believe all the high paid marketing and advertising that is out there should really think twice about they over-all health risks and environmental catastrophes we are creating by buying plastic bottles or other plastic products that are easily thrown away or not even recycled…including deli containers, yogurt cups, etc.

Look at what the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) meter for these so called ‘alkaline’ antioxidant bottle waters claim. 

A negative ORP = antioxidant, anti-aging, health

A posiitive ORP = oxidation, aging, sickness

CLEARLY the above bottled waters are not a high negative ORP.
= positive 245 ORP
Alkapuro = positive 204 ORP
Lassens 9.5 =  positive 235 ORP
E2 Real Water = negative (135) ORP
Penta = positive 136 ORP
Metro Electro = positive 44 ORP
Alkaline Puro from local water store  = positive 37 ORP
**Kangen water = negative (472) ORP**

Alkaline does not mean its an Antioxidant…

Clearly by the ORP results shown and the visual pH of the waters tested….Just because it’s alkaline does not mean it has a negative ORP or what is considered an antioxidant. Don’t believe what you read and don’t believe all the hype, advertising and marketing that the bottled water industry is doing to get you to buy their products which inevitably is polluting the environment and costing you and arm and a leg each year.

What about how old is your water?
Daily Mail found water on sale which had been bottled up to 23 months ago. Daily Mail found water on sale which had been bottled up to 23 months ago. But the two-year date is not embodied in law – it is an ‘industry agreement’ between the major bottling companies which has the approval of the Food Standards Agency.

Bottling companies do not have to print the date of bottling, so consumers have no idea how long the water has been on the shelf. The water companies say extensive tests have shown the airtight seals used on bottles guarantee they are still safe to drink after two years.


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